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My simple, one-hour talks generate $20K, $50K, even $100,000 (even though I still get nervous).
The Rockin Talk Structure unlocks more hot leads and happy clients from every talk & webinar you lead.
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How did just one 1-hr talk turn a small room of strangers into
34 Happy New Clients...instantly in the room without follow up?

How did I create a multiple 6-figure sales month
without a big sales team?

I'll send you my Rockin Talk Template & Full Length Training for Free.
How The Rockin Talk Template Helps
Capture Attention
Connection is critical to your ability to attract clients. So Kristin's proven Talk Template will have you rockin from your first moments on stage or at the front of the room.
No lectures. Never boring. Always Rockin.
Create Raving Fans
When you give you give a great talk you'll create raving fans. But we don't want to over-teach or overwhelm. So staying on track with template will assure you serve the room while generating sales simultaneously.
Create a Rush of Clients
Feel confident that your talk is leading people right into your hot offer. Create a wave of new opportunities from every talk by attracting more invitations to speak, more leads, & more clients too.
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